SEARCA considers the participants and beneficiaries of its capacity-building programs as partners in carrying out the Center’s mandate of promoting agricultural and rural development toward poverty reduction and food security in Southeast Asia. The participants and beneficiaries of the Center’s programs have been grouped as follows: 

SEARCA Graduate Alumni – individuals who completed their graduate study programs  through SEARCA.
SEARCA Training Alumni – individuals who are graduates of SEARCA’s short-term training courses and similar learning events (e.g., executive forums and study tours) and those who successfully completed the Center’s Academic Bridging Program.
SEARCA Associates – individuals who are recipients of SEARCA grants and have completed the grants’ requirements (e.g., Seed Fund for Research and Training, Travel Grants, and Professorial Chairs) and research interns who completed their stint at SEARCA.
SEARCA Fellows – individuals who are or have been appointed as Senior Fellows, Visiting Research Fellows, or Adjunct Fellows of the Center.
The Alumni, Associates, and Fellows form a valuable network of experts, researchers, and knowledge workers. Through this website, SEARCA reaches out to sustain its connection with them to encourage them in their endeavors, to celebrate their successes, and to continually foster their participation in the work for sustainable agricultural and rural development.
SEARCA Alumni in Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam have formed themselves into country associations. Similarly, Alumni in the other SEAMEO member countries have begun initial moves to also establish themselves as a group.
The seriousness of SEARCA’s desire and intention to actively engage the Alumni, Associates, and Fellows as partners in development work, especially in their respective countries’ level, is evident in its Ninth Five-Year Plan (July 2009-June 2014), that the Center is currently implementing.