Dr. Catherine Roween C. Almaden graduated from UPLB in 2018Dr. Catherine Roween C. Almaden graduated from UPLB in 2018LOS BAÑOS, Laguna – Dr. Catherine Roween C. Almaden was named as the new President of Northern Bukidnon State College in February 2020.

Dr. Almaden took her PhD in Development Studies at the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB) and was a recipient of the SEARCA PhD Research Scholarship for her study on "Multidimensional Indicators of Adaptive Capacity of Rice-farming Households to Address Varying Conditions of Salt-Water intrusion in Northern Mindanao, Philippines." She finished her MA in Economics in 2007 at University of San Carlos. She has been with Xavier University – Ateneo de Cagayan since 1998 teaching Macroeconomics, Economics of Development, Public Finance, Research in Economics, and Environment Economics. Dr. Almaden became the Dean of its Graduate School in 2019.

As a prolific researcher, Dr. Almaden has published numerous journal and book articles as well as textbooks in the field of economics, ecology, mining, and water supply. She also provides consultancy on these areas to national, regional, and international institutions.

The SEARCA PhD Research Scholarship provides financial support to qualified Southeast Asian PhD students whose researches are relevant to the priority thrusts of SEARCA. More information on the requirements and application procedures is available at

SEARCA co-organizes the 4th RSAA Conference

The Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture (SEARCA) and the Regional SEARCA Alumni Association (RSAA) convened the 4th RSAA Conference with the theme Food Security, Climate Change, and Poverty Reduction: Initiatives towards Sustainable Agriculture and Resilient Communities in Southeast Asia. With funding from the Food Security Center (FSC) of the University of Hohenheim, Germany, the Conference was held on 8-9 October 2018 at the SEARCA Headquarters. More than 75 participants from 11 countries attended the event where SEARCA alumni and other researchers shared ongoing initiatives and experiences in finding solutions to food insecurity, climate change impacts, and poverty in the region. 

SEARCA Scholar Presents Community-Based Framework for Agriculture and Rural Development

Mr. Glenn Y. Ilar, SEARCA PhD Research Scholar, presented the results of his dissertation at the SEARCA Special Graduate Seminar on 24 January 2018.

Titled as Developing a Community-Based Development Framework for Agriculture and Rural Development, Mr. Ilar discussed the governance of a rice-based community intervention (RBCI) in the Philippines as part of the government's initiatives for agriculture and rural development (ARD) and how this adheres to the community-based development (CBD) concept. 

RSAA concludes 2-day workshop at SEARCA

The officers of the Regional SEARCA Alumni Association (RSAA) held a workshop on Developing Collaborative Projects on Inclusive and Sustainable Agricultural and Rural Development on 8 – 9 January 2018 at the SEARCA Headquarters in Laguna, Philippines. The workshop was partially funded by the Food Security Center (FSC) of the University of Hohenheim and brought together alumni officers from Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, the Philippines, Timor Leste, and Vietnam. 

SEARCA Alumna Participates at the TropAg 2017 Conference in Australia

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA – SEARCA alumna, Dr. Su Latt Phyu of Myanmar, presented her research study at the TropAg 2017 Conference held on 20-22 November 2017. Her research on "Developing Bayesian Networks to Advance Understanding the Relationship between SNP Markers and Abiotic Stress Tolerance, Yield and Yield Related Traits at Different Environments" is part of her doctoral dissertation, which was completed in 2017.

searca alumnus becomes cnsc president

Camarines Norte State College (CNSC) welcomed Dr. Rusty Abanto as its new president on 16 February 2017. Dr. Abanto is a proud SEARCA scholarship alumnus funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). 

searca trains 3rd batch of da climate adaptation and mitigation focal persons

LOS BAÑOS, Philippines – To enhance the capacity and understanding of the key people in the agricultural sector on systematically integrating climate change adaptation into agricultural policies, plans, and programs in the Philippines, the Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture (SEARCA) opened its third training-workshop for team members of the Adaptation and Mitigation Initiatives in Agriculture (AMIA) of the Department of Agriculture (DA) on 3 November 2015 at its headquarters in College. Los Baños, Laguna.

HANOI, Vietnam – Fourteen officials and staff members of the Philippines Department of Agriculture (DA) plus one local government official drew insights from climate change initiatives in northern Vietnam in a study mission they undertook there on 30 November to 4 December 2015.

LOS BAÑOS, Philippines – Two SEARCA scholars have proven their mettle by finishing at the top of the intensive English language course. Mr. Sokom Kong, lecturer from Cambodia’s Royal University of Agriculture, taking up MS Veterinary Medicine, was awarded the Best in Reading, Best in Grammar and Academic Writing. By finishing top of the class, Sokom received the Overall Best Academic Performance award. Along with the certificates of completion, these awards were conferred to SEARCA scholars during the closing program on 23 November 2015.

Following the signing of the Nagoya University (NU)-SEARCA Joint PhD Research Scholarship in Agriculture in March 2015, two Cambodian Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) officials have been awarded the said scholarships to finish their PhD at the Nagoya University Satellite Campus for Bio-agricultural Sciences based at the Royal University of Agriculture (RUA) in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.