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SEARCA’s Knowledge Mnagament (KM) Program provides opportunities for professionals and policymakers to update themselves and discuss contemporary issues and science-based perspectives on ISARD, strengthen their leadership competencies, and hone their research capabilities. These opportunities include:

  • Learning and knowledge events for key champions and stakeholders to advance ISARD in Southeast Asia
  • Online and blended courses
  • Platforms for e-learning and peer mentoring for knowledge sharing and collaborative/social learning on ISARD in Southeast Asia

While SEARCA continues to develop learning initiatives for policymakers, researchers, academicians, trainers, and other key stakeholders in response to emerging issues in ISARD, its KM Program is also concerned with the outcomes and impacts of the Center’s short-term learning initiatives. In line with monitoring and evaluating such outcomes and impacts, SEARCA’s KM Program endeavors to:

  • Equip ISARD stakeholders to enable them to document and package their ISARD practices, protocols, and insights/lessons for knowledge sharing and policy advocacy
  • Track outcomes and impacts of learning and knowledge-sharing via events and knowledge products on ISARD in Southeast Asia


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